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Android application Live Indian channels on Android

Android application (supports both touch screen and remote control)

Require external video player (MX player recommended)

MY INDIAN TV is fully compatible with Matrix TV Browser, a free application that lets you access TV and video content using your account.
The application is available in Google Play Store and supports both touch screen and remote control.
External player is required for the playback. Any will do, but we strongly recommend to use MX Player or VLC.

How to install:

  • Download and install MX Player or VLC from any store
  • Download and install application: Android App
  • Run the application and type myindian.tv in the Server prompt
  • Use your MY INDIAN TV credentials to sign in

Application was recently released. If you face any issues (application crashes, or could not start) - please use the "Report" feature in Google Play Store to let the developer team know.


MY INDIAN TV can be use with chromecast in two ways:

  • If you are using a PC and GoogleChrome web browser, you can download the Chromecast extension (called Google Cast) for GoogleChrome and cast directly the content from our website (watch the channels from the website player on www.myindian.tv and cast the picture directly to your TV).

  • You can cast from an android device using Matrix TV Browser app which uses VLC/MX players (as explained above under Android application), which can be casted by the Chromecast app on android. How to cast your android device screen on your tv